Will You Be Sharing Your Shabby Chic Bed With a Man?

Yes, we know that this question is personal in nature. If it’s too racy for you, please feel free to select another page from our menu above. But we think it’s really important to consider who you might be sharing your bed with — so important, in fact, that it’s number one on our list of considerations.

Let’s face it: the shabby chic bedding style basically ranges from feminine to extremely feminine. If you are going to share your bed with a man, there may be some resistance. You may walk into your bedroom to discover your sweetheart holding a couple of pillows with a bewildered look upon his face, as if to say, “what am I supposed to do with all of these pillows?” Or maybe you’re dealing with a guy who is less sweet, and you’ll walk in to find that he has flung the pillows all over the room!


To be fair, he may have something of a point. For many, a generous pile of pillows creates an inviting look. Pillows are a staple of shabby chic bedding. But it may not be practical to sleep amongst all those pillows, so it’s a good idea to have a convenient place to put them.

If you’re going to share your bed with the opposite sex, another thing to keep in mind is the color scheme. Floral prints are popular in the shabby chic decor scene. So are feminine colors, such as pastel pink. But this aesthetic may have an undesirable effect on a guy. In perhaps the worst case scenario, he may feel like he’s at his grandmother’s house!

Seriously speaking, the look of a room can have a real impact on mood. And if he’s having uncomfortable associations of a matronly nature, that’s not really good for anyone, is it?

Just to be clear, we are not saying that a man’s taste should come first and foremost. Not at all! You don’t have to settle for two firm pillows and an army green bedspread. But doesn’t it make sense to think about the effect that the shabby chic bedding set will have on a man?

So let’s take a look at some practical ways to strike a balance.

Consider Going With a Look That is More Chic than “Chick”

We think the bed below fits the bill. The bed frame features a classic style that is visually interesting, and yet the overall look remains uncluttered and clean.

shabby chic bedding classic elegance 422

Create Visual Appeal Through Texture

There is still a lot that can be done with white alone! The key is to focus on texture. Ruffles, laces, and subtle, white-on-white embroidery can add interesting detail to comforters and pillows.

Choose Colors Thoughtfully

Soft shades of blue are excellent to work with. The look is consistent with the shabby chic decor style, and it’s likely to be appealing to men as well. At the very least, it’s much more gender neutral than pink. Pink can make a man feel out of his element, as though he doesn’t belong in the room.

shabby chic bedding blue 522

Don’t Overdo It

We’re not saying you can’t have any fun! But the point is, it’s not just about you. Grandiose photos of elaborate bedding sets may look stunning to you, but to many a man, they look overly indulgent and ridiculous.

Our point in discussing this subject is not to make anyone uncomfortable — quite the opposite! Our purpose here is to help you create a space that will be comfortable for all. We think it is important to remember that what is comfortable for you, may produce a very different reaction from a male perspective. It’s one thing for the style to be different than what he would choose himself. That may not be too big of a deal. Decorative details don’t seem to be terribly important to a lot of guys. But it could be a real issue if the aesthetic makes him genuinely uncomfortable.