Shabby Chic Bedroom Ideas

The comfortably-worn elegance of the shabby chic decorating style is especially appealing for bedrooms. The bedroom is such a personal space in the home, a place to retreat to for relaxation and rest. It is natural for bedroom furniture and decorative items to have a bit of character.. it helps to create a warm, unassuming environment. The color palette of the shabby chic decor style further adds to this effect.

So let’s take a look at some more specific shabby chic bedroom ideas. We’ll start with what is presumably the focal point of the room: the bed itself. When it comes to shabby chic bedding, the key is really that both “shabby” and “chic” apply. We don’t want to end up with a look that is just shabby!

For many items in the home, it is possible to use artificial distressing techniques to create a certain look. In our opinion, this is harder to do well when it comes to bedding. It’s just not that easy to create a lived-in look, that doesn’t wind up looking worn out. It’s no big deal to add some paint or do some sanding if you’re trying to transform a coffee table. But shabby chic bedding is trickier. We’re pretty sure that no one reading this will want a bedding set that doesn’t look clean and inviting. Yes, there are fabric distressing techniques that can be applied. But are you going to do something like deliberately staining your comforter with tea? We didn’t think so. Really, this is an area in which going for a secondhand find has advantages. If you can find a designer bedding set that has been naturally worn, but still looks elegant, that could be just the ticket.

But some people just don’t like the idea of used bedding. If that’s the case, you could consider going with a contemporary bedding set, and adding your own decorative touches, such as by sewing. The end result may not really be shabby, but it may be sufficiently stylish to go with the other items in your shabby chic bedroom.


The other component of the bed is the bed frame. Now, you can really have some fun with this! It’s usually not too hard to find vintage bed frames that have some cool decorative touches, but that are in a color that could be updated. It can be really fun to take a dark brown bed headboard from decades ago, and turn it into your own personalized shabby chic headboard masterpiece! Apply a base coat, especially if you want to be able to expose something besides the original color, then layer on white paint, do a bit of distressing, add decorative touches, and voilah! You can really let your imagination run wild, and if you do, you will look forward to going to bed every night, satisfied with your own creation.

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You may even be able to find a nightstand that matches the bed frame. But they really don’t have to match, at least in terms of what you start with. In fact, for the sake of the shabby chic decor style, it may very well be better if they don’t. You can produce a sufficient matching effect just by painting/stylizing. It really can be more of an artistic look to start with items that don’t really match, and then to make them match, according to your own style. It’s a little funkier, and fun.

You don’t necessarily have to go with a conventional nightstand, either. Another option is to go with an end table. At Chic freaks, we’ve seen a number of stylish bedrooms that have employed wrought iron end tables in place of night stands. Or, you could use something like this:

shabby chic furniture nightstand white wicker 522

This decision will be influenced by the next essential component of the look: the bedside lamp. We love finding vintage lamps that can really draw the eye, and make a space pop. Getting the hue and level of brightness of the light just right can really make the bedtime experience appealing. In our opinion, it should be bright enough to read by, but not so bright as to overwhelm the calming effect of the rest of the space. We recommend light on the warmer side of the spectrum, as opposed to bluer light, though this is a matter of personal preference.

shabby chic bedside lamp

Now, some people are hesitant to use vintage lamps, due to concerns over fire safety. We can understand this, but it’s really not that hard to rewire a lamp with new electrical hardware. However, keep in mind that if you decide to do this, or have it done on your behalf, the lamp will lose its value as a collectible. That may be no big deal if you’re simply looking for something to use in your home, but rewiring an older lamp will effect the resale value.

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Another item to consider on the subject of light is the window coverings. Once again, this is a matter of personal taste. Some people like to wake up to a bit of sunlight on the retina in the morning, while others prefer a full blackout. If you are going for the blackout, it can take a little bit of artistry to match the rest of the bedroom decor. Fortunately, blackout curtains and shades are available in a variety of styles and colors.

One option would be to take a lighter-colored set of blackout curtains and add some shabby chic touches, such as embroidery. But that’s a bit of a compromise. Typically, we think of shabby chic curtains as a bit opaque, so they allow some sunlight to shine through. It’s an attractive effect, though perhaps not the best thing for sleeping purposes. So it might be a good idea to combine both types: decorative shabby chic curtains for daytime, and blackout curtains for bedtime. Alternatively, you could use a blackout shade, which you would pull down at night. The blackout shade retracts to allow light in. The advantage of this design is that the shade is out of the way during the day, and it’s just the housing that remains in place.

What else does a shabby chic bedroom need? Why, a shabby chic dresser, of course!