Shabby Chic Bedding Ideas

Every shabby chic bedroom needs shabby chic bedding to complete the look — the bed is the centerpiece of the room! We’re going to look at some examples, which we hope will help you come up with shabby chic bedding ideas for your home.

Before we go any further, one of the first things to consider is, who will be using the bed? We have a special post on this subject: Will You Be Sharing Your Shabby Chic Bed With a Man?

So what makes bedding “shabby chic,” anyway?

If you were to ask this question of a bunch of people, you may very well end up with a bunch of answers. And the way we see it, that’s just fine! There is no “right way” to decorate in the shabby chic style. There are no formal rules. And that’s what makes it fun and interesting!

If you really were to survey people about what makes something “shabby chic,” we bet that you’d hear a lot of answers like, “I know it’s shabby chic when I see it.” And that makes sense, because home decorating is a visual medium. It’s also subjective — everyone has their own ideas and opinions. So, we’re going to look at some images, which will hopefully get your mind going. Some of them may or may not match your personal style, or your own definition of shabby chic.

“Clean” versus “Busy”?

One of the first things to consider is, what kind of aesthetic are you going for? Some prefer a relatively clean, streamlined look. Others feel more “at home” when surrounded by patterns, and a lot of different (and ideally beloved) items. Let’s look at a couple of examples.

shabby chic bedding classic elegance 422

We really like the simple elegance of this look. It’s spare, but the vintage bed frame gives the room a much different look than a modern bed frame would. And the lack of clutter furthers the sense of comfort. It isn’t busy at all. The look is stylish, and peaceful. Isn’t there some old saying like, uncluttered space, uncluttered mind?

On the other hand, some will find comfort in a bed that is more elaborate: floral prints, ruffles, lace… lovely decorative details that feature color and texture.


So, you probably already have a sense of what appeals to you personally. Let’s take a look at a few more examples along these lines.

shabby-chic-furniture-bed-vintage french 522

Ok, so every now and then, we come across classic French furniture like this, and it’s fun to think about incorporating it into a shabby chic bedroom. But is it really shabby chic? It’s not exactly shabby. And well-preserved vintage furniture is pricey. But hey, isn’t it fun to think about taking something like this, and making it real? And by real, we mean, really using furniture as furniture?

For many, a shabby chic bed looks more like this: sumptuous, soft, flowing ornamental fabric textures, and lots of pillows!

shabby-chic-bedding-pink-pillows-floral 522

shabby chic bedding blue 522

This next one isn’t too different, but it incorporates both classic and more contemporary:

shabby chic bedding 492

In particular, the headboard on this bedding set is a classic, vintage touch.

Another interesting option is to go with a wrought-iron style bed frame.

shabby chic furniture bedding wrought iron 522

Whatever you may decide is most appealing, we wish you all the best in your pursuits!

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