Make Your Living Room Stylish with a Shabby Chic Sofa!

Do you want a living room that will be truly loved? The first place to start is with the epicenter of the room: the sofa.

The living room sofa draws attention like few other items in the home. And that’s not just because of its relatively large size. There is a more subtle effect taking place as well. People are drawn to the living room couch because it’s the natural place to gravitate to. The sofa beckons with its offer of an appealing environment in which to socialize or relax. A good sofa will truly be irresistible!

But finding the right balance between form and function for your living room space can actually be a bit tricky. The couch is an item of furniture that truly gets used. If it is comfortable, the user will be happy to be there, nestled in its cozy confines. Conversation will come more freely, and minds will be more at ease. If it isn’t comfortable, the effect may be the opposite.

However, in the modern era, it often seems like the function — providing comfortable seating — trumps the form. And if you care about the look of your home, the sofa is simply too big to ignore!

We are bringing up this form versus function issue for a very good reason. When it comes to shabby chic sofas, there are a couple of different styles, and the right one for your living room will depend on your priorities, and your personal aesthetic.

Before we continue, we should point out that the term shabby chic sofa is a bit subjective, and may mean different things to different people. This is due, in part, to there being one specific style that is often referred to as a shabby chic sofa.

The particular style is the slip-covered shabby chic sofa. The name alone gives you a pretty good idea of the look.


This type of shabby chic sofa is often covered with a white slip, as you probably expect, considering the decor genre. But we don’t think there should be any hard and fast rules at Chic Freaks.

The extent to which the slip is attached to the couch itself can vary — it may not be attached at all. An unattached slip cover is more likely to produce a shabbier look, as creases and wrinkles will naturally form over time. One advantage is that an unattached slipcover can be removed for care. If it’s made from basic materials, and isn’t adorned with anything delicate, it may well even be machine washable.

Alternatively, shabby chic sofas may feature partially attached slipcovers. The slipcover will be sewn in places, which will help to hold it into position. This should produce a less wrinkled look. It is common with this style for the bottom to remain lose, so that there is a draped effect.

But is slip covered the only style that is truly a shabby chic couch? Others take a broader definition of the term shabby chic sofa. And at chic freaks, we tend to support taking a broader view. Why? Because broader = more opportunity to be creative!

Another idea that goes well with a shabby chic decor style is to go with a vintage sofa. Obviously, this is a more ornate, continental look.


Now, can you see why we brought up the form vs function question? It’s time to think about your priorities for your living room. The elegant, refined look of vintage sofas can be spectacular! But it’s definitely a different appeal than the inviting comfort of a slip covered shabby chic sofa. It’s more in the realm of, sitting upright with a cup of tea, ready for conversation.


That maybe a good fit for you, especially if you have a more formal living room, as well as a more casual family room, in your home. If so, that is great! You could even have the best of both worlds: an elegant vintage sofa in your living room, and a slip-covered shabby chic couch in your family room!

But for many urban dwellers in the shabby chic scene, there is only room for one couch. So it’s important that it’s possible to get into a comfortable position for an extended period of time. whether or not a vintage sofa will fit the bill is a matter of personal preference. Some of our friends at Chic Freaks have vintage sofas as a primary piece of furniture, and love them! But these don’t tend to be TV-watching types. If it’s important to you to be able to settle into plush comfort and kick your feet up, the classical style may not be to your liking.

Finally, there is something in between the two styles we have talked about so far. But many would still consider something like the sofas pictured below to be shabby chic.


shabby chic furniture sofa stripey 622

This second one in particular is a more conventional type of couch than either of the two styles discussed previously. It relies more on its upholstery for unique style than on its design.

We have one more tip when it comes to selecting the best shabby chic sofa for your home: don’t forget the pillows!