How to Find Shabby Chic Furniture

Don’t you just love that feeling you get when you find something that truly represents a “score”? That rush of excitement you feel when you see something you really like, and learn that it can be yours for a bargain basement price?

This is this feeling that people get hooked on! The “thrill of the hunt” pushes them to get out to estate sales, garage sales, flea markets, and any other place where they may be able to make the next great find. They love that feeling of making the score, and they set out in pursuit of more and more. Fortunately, this is a productive and healthy pastime, assuming that you don’t accumulate more things than you can handle.

Sometimes, it comes easily. Something may grab your attention right away, and it will be love at first sight. In other cases, it may take a lot of work before you find the kind of thing that you’re looking for. It could even be a matter of literally digging for it. Or doing a bit of haggling over it. The pursuit of chic is not always easy.

At Chic Freaks, we are always looking for ways to streamline the process of making great finds. In this post, we’re going to look at one of our favorite sources for secondhand furniture and other household items: Craigslist.


Now, you’ve probably used Craigslist before, or are familiar with it, at the very least. But are you getting the most out of Craigslist’s potential?

Craigslist really is an impressively active marketplace. That activity creates opportunities, but it also presents challenges. One of the most obvious is competition. There is no way to predict when someone may decide to post something great. And whether it’s 7:00 in the morning or 11:00 at night, once that person clicks the post” button, the race is on!

In the past, we’ve read of entrepreneurial-minded Craigslisters driving around town with their laptops open, connected to the Internet wirelessly, constantly refreshing their web browsers to see the latest items posted. Competition of this sort is especially fierce in certain categories, such as the “Free” section. In fact, some people even claim to make a living doing precisely this. We’ve seen ebooks for sale that claim to offer “secrets” on how to do this yourself, though we’ve never bought any of them.

Perhaps the idea of constantly refreshing your web browser sounds rather tedious. And you’re right! Fortunately, technology exists to help make the process easier.


There are a number of smartphone apps that focus on Craigslist that are currently available, and that number is sure to grow in the future. We’re going to focus on one app in particular: the Mokriya Craigslist app.

Now, it should be noted that Craigslist does not have an official app of its own. But some developers have been granted access to use Craigslist’s application programming interface, or API. The details behind API’s are beyond the scope of a site like ours, and we highly doubt that you’re here for technical explanations anyway! But we do have an important reason for bringing this up. The Mokriya Craigslist app is officially licensed to use Craigslist’s data. Some other apps have not been granted permission to use Craigslist’s data, and may have issues in the future as a result.

One of the great things about the Mokriya Craigslist app is that the user experience is a key consideration in its design. Many reviewers and other users have compared the experience to Pinterest. In fact, the team at Mokriya seem to have had Pinterest in mind when developing their project. “Browsing Craigslist should be as pleasurable as using Pinterest,” Mokriya founder Sunil Kanderi is quoted as saying. So if you like Pinterest, there is a good chance that you will also like the Mokriya Craigslist app!

One of the most valuable features, from our perspective, is that users can create alerts when items that meet their criteria are listed. That’s right, no more constant checking and browser refreshing! The app will notify you automatically when a new listing is posted. This is of great help! Now you can get the scoop right away, which gives you a much better chance of being the first person to have a shot at making a deal.

There are some other cool features, too. The app can use GPS to identify listings near a user’s location. It is also designed to make the posting process easier for sellers, though this functionality does require a modest fee (99 cents at the time of this writing). The Mokriya Craigslist app is available in the iTunes Store for the iPhone, and in the Google Play Store for Android.

The Mokriya Craigslist app isn’t the only name in the game, of course. Other options include CityShop and CPlus, to name just a few. Whatever you may be inclined to use, we recommend that you go with an officially licensed Craigslist app.

Discovering an undervalued item can be so exciting and satisfying! We wish you all the best in your pursuits.