Great Beginner Project Idea: Shabby Chic Coffee Table!

At Chic Freaks, we just love finding and transforming coffee tables. And it’s a great project for a beginner! Why?

Good starter pieces are not hard to find

Garage sales, estate sales, Craigslist.. just about anywhere you may look for secondhand furniture, you can find coffee tables available. And many of them are dirt cheap, or even free! Sure, they may have a few scratches or dings, but that’s just fine for our purposes!

Coffee tables are relatively easy to work on

Compared to other items of furniture, coffee tables are usually pretty easy to move. Even good, real wood tables aren’t all that heavy most of the time, and you may even be able to move it by yourself. Many will easily fit in a hatchback or small SUV, may even be transportable by a car with a trunk (or boot).

Once you get the coffee table back to your workspace, it won’t take up a lot of room. And if you’re not ready to start working on it yet, a coffee table is pretty easy to store. You can even stack other things on top of it.

When you are ready to get to work, you will find that painting and sanding is relatively convenient. We have found that it is easier to elevate the coffee table while you’re working on it. You can use a workbench, if you have one that is big enough, or you can use another table or platform.

A coffee table can really transform a room

It can be kind of impressive to see just how much difference a coffee table can make in a space. But it’s not hard to see why, if you think about it. The coffee table occupies a key space in the room. It is front and center. Its location makes it a focal point for the eye. The sofa will probably command the most attention, and the coffee table will be right there with it. So it’s easily noticed when someone first walks in to survey the room. And then, once they settle in on the sofa, it will be right there in front of them the whole time.

A shabby chic coffee table is a natural fit for the decor style

Many older coffee tables feature elegant design touches. But the coffee table is also an item of furniture that is meant to be used. This combination is a natural fit for shabby chic decor. To the original owner, wear and tear may be a sign that it’s time to replace the coffee table. But to the shabby chic decorator’s eye, the imperfections can heighten the appeal. Apply some paint, and you’ve got a shabby chic coffee table with a new lease on life. Many older coffee tables are finished in a dark shade of brown. The look can be a little dated, which helps to encourage people to unload them for next to nothing when they update their homes. But if you’re willing to spend a little bit of time brushing on some white paint, you can have a shabby chic coffee table masterpiece that you’ll continue to enjoy for years to come!